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Zero Infinity One, Inc. 777 South Figueroa Street Suite 4600 DPT# 2092 Los Angeles, CA US, 90017-2513

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Quantum Travel

If you could travel – virtually – to actual real places IN THE WORLD.
Anywhere you want to go – INSTANTLY – and you’re there with whomever’s on-location.
Wouldn’t you want to?

You Can

Our Systems make it possible.


What You Want

What You Want



Travel through Metaverses from your home, to any Event, Venue or Place in the World that has our System.

For $299 USD, buy a Quest 2 and find us on Meta.

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Venues & Events

Venues & Events

Our systems allow you to bring anyone in the world with a mobile, VR or XR device right into your venue. 24Hrs a day.THAT’S MORE PEOPLE. Tapping into the global market beyond your physical location and time zone will explode your customer base.

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Designed for

Meta Quest 2

Microsoft Hololens 2

Nreal Light

*PC, Mobile (Android, iOS), WebXR, and Additional XR and VR Brands to come. Contact us if you're a manufacturer.

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