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Zero Infinity One, Inc. 777 South Figueroa Street Suite 4600 DPT# 2092 Los Angeles, CA US, 90017-2513

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About Us

We’re creating a new reality where connection is about presence, social health, and sharing experiences. Social gathering won’t be confined by space, physical capacity or geography.

Our technological advance improves life by facilitating instant travel across the globe, enabling presence and social interaction without limits…

We’re creating systems that allow people to experience reality together, no matter where they are.

A new Era is upon us. While some are trying to fit life into a virtual reality… we’re using immersive technologies to improve the real one.

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Our Mission and Vision

Enable the world's best social experiences through which people connect meaningfully across the Globe.

A world improved and unified by our technological systems and entertainment that help people connect in profound and life-changing ways.


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