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Zero Infinity One, Inc. 777 South Figueroa Street Suite 4600 DPT# 2092 Los Angeles, CA US, 90017-2513

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We believe work is good. It should be fulfilling – something you want to do – a natural extension of who you are for the purpose of what you’re designed to create.

Creating new things is an amazing gift we have.

We believe important work is done by small teams of geniuses and experts that are optimally engaged together to fulfill a unified, worthwhile vision.

This is a place for people who do what they love well and get paid accordingly for it.
We believe fun is important. You have to love what you do. Inspiration is key.
So if you are a genius of your unique expertise, please contact us.

Upcoming positions:


We work primarily in Unity, and welcome Unreal developers who can confidently embrace Unity, Microsoft Azure tools and WebXR (among others).

Spatial Mapping Engineer

WebXR, ARKit, ARCore, MS ASA. Mathematics degree is a valued asset.

Avatar/IK Developer

Coder/Developer/ Tech-Artist. Responsible specifically for how Avatars move – handling IK, locomotion, mouth-face-eyes animation, etc.

Tech-Art Developer

Expert coder/developer of solutions to optimize 3D assets, shaders, LOD, lighting, particle effects. Ultimately responsible for overall quality of device performance and visual experience.

Audio Developer

Expert Coder/Developer dealing with Noise cancellation, limiting/compression/ducking, complex audio channelling, dynamic and positional audio. Ultimately responsible for final audio “mix” for each targeted output device.

Input Device Developer

Depth, Skeletal, Image tracking, object recognition, spatial understanding. AI, – cameras, motion sensors, haptics, controllers.

VR Device Developer

Focus on Consumer VR HMD’s including Meta Quest 2 and Pico.

XR Device Developer

Focus on Consumer XR HMD’s and Mobile Devices. Deep experience developing for Hololens 2, Nreal, Magic Leap 2, and other XR devices including AR for Mobile, ARKit, ARCore, iOS, Android.

Web, Mobile & Metaverse Developer

Back and front-end Web, Mobile and VR/XR platforms. Lead development on all major consumer-facing platforms.

Network/Server/IT Engineer

Optimize streaming and remote rendering, network volume management for local and global, physical servers, cloud and other networking solutions.

Fintek/Blockchain Engineer

Coder: blockchain, crypto, Web 3.0, security and contracts.


Please apply with links to examples of your work

2D Graphic Artist

Expert designer, futuristic and corporate art styles. Motion/VFX and Video Production are huge plus.

3D Artist

Expert in Characters and Environments. Hyperrealism. Experience with photogrammetry, LiDAR – volumetrically captured subjects turned into 3D assets. Animation and optimization are key assets. Maya, 3Ds Max, Blender, etc.

Life-balance is fundamental to our ethos. We welcome unconventional schedules outside regular norms – what’s important to us is ingenious inspiration and superior results. We support hybrid (home/office) working, but for the sake of optimizing collaborative efficiency we work primarily at our studio in Downtown Long Beach, CA, steps from the beach, marina, restaurants, bars and everything else you need within walking distance. We’re all about social connection, and as such foster an accepting and inclusive social dynamic.