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Zero Infinity One, Inc. 777 South Figueroa Street Suite 4600 DPT# 2092 Los Angeles, CA US, 90017-2513

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Participants - Not Spectators

Our Systems provide Remote Presence.

This type of immersive interactivity is not possible with video conferencing.
WE’re putting remote patrons in your space. They can freely roam around the physical space, and talk to anyone there – Onsite or Remote.

That’s a lot more people interacting, and a lot more fun.


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Food & Beverage Venues can do these things with our System:

  • Shut-Down-Proof your Venue. Your place can be open to the public, even when physical doors are shut. You can transact business there automatically – without staff even – by Virtual Guests visiting through Metaverses 24hrs/day.
  • Multiply Capacity. Automatically multiply your venue by as many times as there is a need to fit your new influx of virtual guests.
  • Multi-Location Events. A network of locations can run experiences where guests at multiple venues can intermingle and interact socially.
  • Metaverse Presence. Be discoverable across Metaverses. Now the Globe is your market.
  • Augmented Aesthetics. Interior can be enhanced virtually to provide various themes – which can be swapped out with the touch of a button.


Event Organizers can do these things with our Systems :

  • Guarantee Event. The show will go on no matter what – even if there are few bodies in the venue, your event can be even bigger and more lucrative by integrating remote attendees.
  • Increase Attendance. In addition to physical attendees, now you’ll have virtual attendees joining from anywhere in the world. These are people who would not otherwise attend the event. That means more tickets sold, more transactions, and more revenues.
  • Multiply Capacity. Even if you’re sold out physically you can add an unlimited amount of virtual guests that occupy multiple digital twins of the venue. That’s more tickets sold, more transactions, and more revenues.
  • Multi-Location Events. Run events at multiple venues simultaneously. That’s more regions efficiently served, more tickets sold, more transactions, and more revenues.
  • Custom Solutions. Mind-blowing experiences can be realized onsite and remotely that enhance the event in ways nothing else can. Onsite and Remote guests share the experience together, simultaneously. That’s more fun for more people.